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The captain of fifth troops, only depend on this.Then canning let to be subjected to in present all public is the deepest of shocking.It is still less two ground special kind soldiers to compare the champion of martial big match in a row.His real strenght is imaginable.
Same whole body black western dress, the plentiful absolute being is handsome, contain to smile on the face the Yan pleasant breeze of idea walked out from the backstage, present top public as if deep in thought of conjecture him of time, the Yan pleasant breeze generously waves hand to send best regards with everyone.
Leaf autumn the in the mind gosh sigh.No wonder that this boy didn't take part in the ratio this time martial big match, be invited to do review committee.
Regrettable, not ability with of a war.
However, the leaf autumn believes, there is opportunity ground in the head quarter hereafter.
Five review committees introduce to complete, then would is computer's random born first to the war form.This is to use the computer auto row preface, need not be worried about the possibility that will cheat.Sometimes, machine than person more the credibility is some.
The opponent of leaf autumn is a country a member of team of the squad is especially.The nickname is called eagle.Purplely the river Yan opponent is a strong breeze squad the ground is a female member of team, any data that had no strong breeze squad before, so river Yan was purple don't know this squad of ground how whole real strenght is.The spider is most what a mess to take out ground the temporary captain that is a fifth troops be greedy for wolf, afraid is nine deads don't born.
"Unexpectedly the big exposition contains so big variety this year, the ratio of the past martial big match only has three review committees.And is all senior officer of military authority and the country Anne's system.Not only added two review committee seats this year.And add two thus young review committee.For adding fresh blood?No wonder that the Yan pleasant breeze didn't take part in a game this time, be invited to serve as review committee.Since so.Is he it the white white that wasted this opportunity?"River Yan purple station at leaf autumn after death, the small voice says.
The leaf looking at autumn at the review committee at table just and nearby of the Yan pleasant breeze of the country pair in Anne bureau the warm confabulation of bureau chief Gao Sen.Say with a smile:"Probably, he has confidence to own member of team.Many people know our 2 to have a little a son antinomy, he carelessly accidentally lost to kill me, not is meeting does oneself also have influence?Return is really a guy that is careful to come home."
Yan pleasant breeze at and Gao Sen warm confabulation, Lin Cang Lan then and nearby vice- chief of staff brave Guo's general of general staff in whisper say what.See to this double Jiaos in Yan city all have his/her own circlet son, just the leaf autumn discovers, Lin Cang Lan's eyebrows will lightly wrinkle up while being these two people's look in the eyeses carelessly and touching to run into together, while Yan pleasant breeze's remaining the smiling face of conscience will have momentary deadlock.
Although just very small action, if not that being at the same time interested in their 2 people leaf for autumn, other persons can't discover thus small detail, leaf the autumn is understand, this so-called double Jiao relation in Yan city's seeming to be not is very harmonious.
Leaf the autumn in the mind is dark pleased, the enemy's enemy would is his/her own friend, the opportunity to seek must pull a relation with Lin Cang Lan just good.
Just leaf autumn can't so take the liberty send to come of, so can prove own cheap.He needs to wait for an opportunity.
"Are you the leaf's autumn?"A Weng voice Weng spirit of man's voice spread.
The autumn of the leaf returns overdo, then see a two meter much Gao and iron pagoda the general strong solid big fellow stand on own in front.The leaf autumn point nods and says with a smile:"I am the leaf's autumn."
What about the male of the iron pagoda once the mouth smile, Han Han of, but have a bloodthirsty flavor.Toward a leaf to stretch out the big hand of banana fan sort for autumn, say:"I am an eagle.Your first opponent."
The autumn of the leaf stretches hand and the hand of eagle hold together and say with a smile:"Please advise more."
"Stop worrying.I can't show consideration."Eagle says, the right hand suddenly delivers dint.Hold a leaf the ground hand is like a hoop iron sort for autumn of to in the center crowded past.
His hand is bigger than the hand in leaf autumn 100% enough to spares, 2 people shake hands of time, bind a hand of leaf autumn tightly and betwixt.This time is like a pack of Zong-zi sort to make an effort to squeeze, the leaf autumn even if wants to resist and also fell into a leeway.

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