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Thoughting of oneself is come to house to visit, how also get performance courtesy moderate breezes degree, tiny nod, say with smile:"Excuse me, here the house that am in Li Yu?I is ……"
Words didn't finish saying, his mama's mouth had already roared to make a noise in Li Yu:"Is the pig companion dog friend of that smelly boy again?!Roll quickly!Is small medium don't want to see you!He is good friends with good study!"
Liao learns a soldier blind mix so long-term, also never so embarrassed lead, the cheeks sweat Cen Cen but bottom, seeing that will suddenly close and shout loudly 1:"Big Niang, I am the form master of Li Yu high school school, today especially the idea come to what house visit!"
His mama's age in Li Yu however being 78 years old, getting married early, maintaining is also good, in addition to a little bit growing fat a cake of of 1:00, the shape of that thin skin delicate meat and son and going out, who all think to is two younger brother Jies and go shopping and listen to that"big Niang", the forehead starts to explode a blue vein, cold way:"Who is your big Niang, recognize to arrive in person mental institute to recognize."Want to guard a gate to turn off again.
Liao's learning a soldier isn't angry either and say with smile:"The noble has a little condition at school, I make a special trip to rush through to carry on exchanges with parent."
"?Are you a really small medium form master?"His mama's eyes in Li Yu cautiously saw Liao learning a soldier and discovering taking slight text spirit on a vice- black frame glasses of bridge, then saying afresh:"That comes in.The teacher of your school, none of a years come once, until Gao Er just come, had no a responsibility too much?"
The eaves hangs a few deep red lanterns, the host who looking at this like traditional culture very much.Spreads through a granite plank of the Yong way enter into inside in the house, asked him to sit down and said:"You today come return calculate Qiao, usually small win to all still and just and outside play this time, he that helps a friend and hums!"Let the maid receive tea, arrive an inside house evocable Li Yu.A middle age man who is moderate looks and stays a moustache follows behind.
"Is small medium, your teacher came and also said hello not and quickly.Teacher, this is the my husband."Mother, Zhang Li Min, in Li Yu nods to bend from the waist and points at that middle age man to signal hint.In husband's in front, this apathetic woman suddenly becomes very gentle.
"!Teacher, how did you come?"Incredibly have several cents the surprise in Li Yu.Being placed in the puberty boy has already grown delicate mental state, be he nearby have than him like 1:00, a little bit stronger of person, produce to envy Ji, and unbalance...etc. negative emotion very easily, but that person is stronger than him too many, each other distance differ too far of time, will change adoration.
Is also say, have already unconsciously learned Liao in Li Yu soldier the eyes are idols, at least is fight the last idol."Daddy, he is our new form masters."The of two father and sons seems to be very apathetic, don't hope his father's one eye while talking in Li Yu.
Father's Li Qing Yuan's initiative in Li Yu stretches out a hand.This cultured middle age man has much of generosity of spirit, each and every move deeply only the learned scholar just has of cultivated refinement.
"Mr. Li, how are you, I am the form master in Li Yu."
2 people introduce each other some kind of, Liao's learning a soldier is the person whom an isn't kind to fall into conversation, Li Qing Yuan probably is have a bookman that kind of is self-contained, seem to be also to not too like ceremonious, momentary atmosphere not Gan not Ga.Mutually hold a short moment, say in Li Yu:"Teacher Liao, you are idea to guide especially I study of?Arrive my room go to, here person many eyes are miscellaneous."Pulling Liao to learn a soldier has to walk.
Liao learns soldier and two parents to tell offense 1 and ascended the second floor.Li Qing Yuan sees toward the wife, take a little in the eye helpless idea so, after reading a senior high school, the son gradually becomes cheerless and almost has never had with parents exchanges, even if the teacher came,still keep so doing one's owning way.However he seems to still pretty have good will to that form master.
"In Li Yu, I am about to communicate with your parents, do you make me come up to do what?"
"Is alas, teacher Liao, my daddy knows to love to study his calligraphy and painting ancient works all day long, my mama thinks of then perfume cosmetics, lazy must talk and have no common language with them.

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