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Because time is limited, we don't request everyone to learn rearguard member of team well and for example do good how spread ball, how defend all right."Before Lee, say:"The military tactics passes a teaching game and kicks while explaining in detail, your nature will understand how to stand, and how run.So connect down, we speak of from the ball first, we class have how many member of team kick ball of the action is very amateur, probably you can not see clearly by yourselves, that because your balls are very not well acquainted with, isn't that you is playing ball, but is a ball is playing you, understand?……"
Old Liao trusts to hand over to ball team before Lee and returns to dormitory sleeping.
Is or so to have no a matter, afternoon have no lesson, notice board in the school pastes up a notice, tomorrow Mid-Autumn joyful festival, the whole school teachers and the students go on vacation for a day.There is still the notice of inner part in office, all teachers can arrive a general management department Office of the General Affairs to receive four boxes of moon cakes and a bag of sweet You and be named the subsidy of"reunited gold"500 pieces.This be really too like, employee's welfare is really quite good, lead a stanza also rich take, there is also moon cake of parties, need not have already been like to do hooligan at the supermarket so in early years.
But he hears the welfare of Feng have a little depressed, teach an age to have 1,000 pieces in the decade above reunited gold, teach an age for 25 years of have 2,000 pieces, also invite whole city of ten thousand tallest Long mansion building crest the general assembly that take part in to appreciate a month.
Sung jade Hao they only teach an age for more than ten years, but because of being a grade director, the somebody of section chief's Class, the reunited gold also has 2,000 pieces, just can not take part in the general assembly of appreciating the month.But the big officer of place class title, for example Office of the Dean of Students director Chiu is big strange, the Department of Financial Analysis director, library curator and laboratory director can get hold of of will be more.
Liao learns a soldier happy ha ha the ground hold four boxes of moon cake with elegant packings and have 4510 catties of pomelos behind a bag of foot's back on the shoulder, Chuai in the Dou write 500 dollars walk to stop carport.
Stop dazzling Hally motorcycle the side Ying Ying inside the carport to stand still one person, pull straight of the long hair literally tied a horsetail after brain and once picked to dye yellow of a few hairs have been already resumed black;Big eyes being black to slip away are bright if order a paint;The straight bridge has no the least bit minor faults;Cherry small mouth tiny Zhang Zhu, not any lip gloss is still so captivating, at her stop nearby carport in of speed BMW the Audi include Hally all gloomy disgrace.This beautiful girl is exactly his small and blue fall.
Liao learns a soldier to take back to worry:I return a way is which silly boy want to trample upon my car.Say with smile:"The appointment that is small and blue to fall, wait boyfriend here?Have in the evening what program?Rather I this old headman participate in your parties together?"
Hum, the somebody else is to wait yours here, the stupid old headman incredibly didn't see out.The Mu permits blue the box falling to think, walking over to once connect moon cake puts in the car and sets up for to say very at random:"Is the teacher really free tonight?"
"It is empty certain, don't know how to arrange."Liao learns a soldier to say to drop to a pomelo motorcycle tail is in the side.
The Mu permits a blue beginning for falling heart to involuntarily and wildly jump:Teacher tonight ascend free!The words that she means to say haven't exported, old Liao immediately after way:"However, I want to do at the house in Li Yu a house visits, this kid is too very naughty, must communicate with his parents."
The Mu permits blue the heart falling to listen to this words sink original place once again, don't know much disappointment, the smiling face that remains on the face also solidified, soft-voiced way:"Originally the teacher is going to do a house to visit ……" turns to read and thinks, because have a responsibility like this, just be regarded as a man, how can teacher Liao be an irresponsible teachers, and then turn but happy, "not equal to I accompany a teacher to visit at the house together?"
"Frighten?How does this go?Is small and blue to fall, are you very boring in the evening?Did your elder sister of Zhi Hui didn't accompany you?To, how don't you seek a boyfriend?I saw a somebody else's Cui government all form a pair."
Which have encouragement the student falls in love of teacher?The Mu permits blue fall Jue to rise a small mouth of way:"Hum, doesn't the somebody else just want to seek boyfriend.

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