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Teaching ability, 41, very have no level, however this stanza lesson later on the shell Xiao Dan will give us new suggestion.Relationship, 30, two years six classes of beards really say that he sees with own eyes teacher Liao to beat°up Xun to lead a director, 2 people have already had the antinomy to can not temper.Endure patiently dint, 60, the teacher's recent temper seems to be not so good and declines 30 to divide than the first number.……"
Below there are also a lot of numbers, each number is behind all in detail record rise or decline of reason and evidence, strength value at the beginning is leaf jade tiger range estimation judgment of 30, beginning everyone teacher Dao is a lie a hand have no winning of very small strength weak scholar, afterwards at green jade wave lake ever made moves once twist receive a soldier, signed horses more rose 30, became 60 divide;Beat shriveled sheet iron to keep a thing cabinet in locker room one punch in the football field, and then rose 20, become 80.
His completely synthesize to get a goal is 54:67, the Cui government is long to grow comfortable one breath, although already compare start most of 40 divide total the cent raise a lot, still inside etc. low level, not worthwhile frightened.
He suddenly receives the message of clock Bai and pass Mu cloud at the same time and up writes:"Suggest to rise to 100 of teacher Liao's force values!He is one the person of the extreme danger, should never attempt to the gist!"100?This may?80 is already that then the one long athlete that pass through toughens can have of number, other a few athletics teachers in the school however is much about 70, still keep according to the one punching that he beats and keeps a thing cabinet for 80 cents, see at him is a tops to several cents.
"Evidence?"Cui government and four eyes return to their information at the same time.
This ……evidence absolutely can not say, pass Mu cloud writes a way:"If you didn't value, that died to settle.He is BOSS of dry skeleton class, must not ask for."The Cui government didn't see what concrete thing, also can not remember clearly Chu naturally, and he and pass Mu cloud invite swear to absolutely can not tell others.
Cui government's waits person to think to close Mu clouding is delivering nerve.There is since no evidence, see the face that severely suggests in the classmate up more penny.
Many people all are discussing the business of teacher Liao's number, someone puts forward doubtful point, or some own guess, someone has evidence, for example Su flies Hong to write a way:"Suggest the magic power value raises 5:00, I discover that the Mu permits recent really infatuated with teacher, didn't know to use as well what method confuse Mu to permit."
The leaf jade tiger deeply has together feeling:"The camping had many good matters to all let the Mu permit last time to stir."
D Liu Jing writes a way:"Last time cheat in an examination, the elder sister of Zhi Hui made me confuse him with the thigh and lusted for women a value to at least have 65."
"Panda quiet, next time examination again connect again fierce."
In addition to they provide of two, the data of end didn't much and greatly change, because the evidence isn't that many, hard argument.
Liao learns soldier's absolute being to certainly annoy to carefreely say:"Is positive because Wang Bo such artistic talent, pass by Hong state, take part in Teng heavy sun party of Wang Ge, just can in a short instant but, the text not adds a point, writing down in the Tang Dynasty very popular 《Teng Wang Ge Xu 》 is already.The king being five's certainly protecting in his 《Tang Zhi speech 》 has already recorded Xu as well:
Hong state of all the Du Yan is male in the Teng Yan guest of Wang Ge Da Dun, order his son-in-law to make preface with brag in guest's in front, pretend to take out a paper pen a time to please to make a preface at the guest, have no a person to dare to promise.However get hold of Wang Bo Qian, he is suffused with however promises, don't decline.The Yan is male great anger:Please make a preface, in fact that is ceremonious, you returned really, might it not be can you write better than my son-in-lawly?He should be comes to bedroom inside and then starts to change dress and orderanies a small Li to wait upon by the side of Wang Bo and sees his article nearby and requites in time.The small Li sees Wang Bo writing down a row of characters and running back to say right away:'What he wrote is:The Chang of the south past county, Hong all new mansion.'Yan Gong says:'As well was a platitude, the nothing important was fantastic.'Led a short while small Li again the repay say:'He answered 2:The star divides wing Zhen, the ground connects Heng Lu.'Mr. Yan listenned to and pondered language not, think is felt the wonderful place of phrase sentence.Till the last small Li way:'Fall Xia and Gu Wu to together fly, the autumn waters totally grows one color in the sky.'Yan male Jue however rise, say:'This person is a real genius,

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