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Leaf jade tiger originally combined disagree, embraced begin silly see, but although Li Qian talked clumsiness, sentence the sentence made reference to an idea up, took his interest, not from ask a way:"Mr. Li, shine on you play to show of cheat action to take ball like this, how hold the balance in the middle of running?"
"In fact these actions can more practice towards running influencing being not big, if and make use of masterly, true war will be better.You come to try."Once the toe pick, the ball is steady to be be fall a jade tiger foot is at the leaf.Li Qian has been being paying attention to war situation, the other party weakness weakness of everybody and advantage characteristics, he is clear.
The leaf jade tiger tried several times by law, always completely at sea.Li Qian says:"Let we the professional forward of the blue brigade to teach you.Sign a house, you come over for a while."
The leaf jade tiger saw an at present person, the facial expression signed to change, 2 people are cold to see.The square signs financial situation:"Boy, there is courage to divide a superiority in the ground, our foot sees a true chapter."
"Mama of, who afraid who?"The leaf jade tiger takes off a shoes and makes change sports shoes to follow him to go out.
"H'm, the 13th, you, " Li Qian points a clock Bai immediately after way:"You is medium field, the position is count for much, but the vision visit to leave flicker on the ground, don't contend for ball while shoulding contend for ball, should not contend for ball and run over a wave to take a lot of time and also interrupt the aggression set of teammate road.I know you is frightened we blue brigade'reasonable collide with', while contending for top ball you as long as the spine makes an effort so and averts from a putting forth effort of the other party point at the same time, shoulder to outside bump, the other party affirmation contends for however you.Still have, don't be old to put hands while protecting ball, will let the your body lose balance so, easily fall down."
Finishing saying is a , chase a words head again direction Li Yu in:"I clearly remember that you seem forward, but ball arrive where you with arrive where, the job of the field rearguard makes you rob again after connecting, do you have so many energies?Do you still really think that you is a free man?"
Make reference to each person, the sentence sentence all slices medium vital part, all is that they need an improved place urgently, the Wang Long, Cui government has to take.He says of various technique, include more how to collide with opponent but can't cause in the game violate the rules, how incense opponent to lead their violate the rules, is all some very filth meanses, but let the classmates listen to like Chi if inebriate, forget gradually just the unpleasantness in the friendly game.
Heart way before Lee:"Teach good they, at elder brother Bing front of also have a face, the relation beats like, hereafter go out to threaten a , I am elder brother Bing's elder brother ties, who dare to say the first half sentence gossip?"With teach tone sincerity, work hard very much.
Spend half to explain in detail the merit and shortcoming of two classes of ball teams of two years for hour, have already quickly led a lunch break for time, the classmates believe to take very much to Li Qian at this time, it is the member of team of some occupation ball team to secretly guess him, and the beginning has confidence to the game in the days to come.
"Everyone returns to a rest first and draw lots in the afternoon, the first isn't necessarily us, we still have to greatly train time.Dismiss."Liao learned a soldier to stop talking of Li Qian in good time, if the language lesson living at school to also listen to like this become fascinated, that should be much good.
Twist face to say to Li Qian:"Pain you, in the afternoon if don't have an accident, I will make a phone call to notify that you continue to help training.Also need not ceremonious what, dinner all I pleased."
Hard two words, that is Liao to learn a soldier consistent polite, fall before Lee ear inside, but expensive lead gold, at that moment delight with unexpected good news, "since today, I be regarded as the brothers of hooligan's eldest brother!"Smugly the leave-taking went out.
Locker room, unexpectedly see a leaf the jade tiger and square sign a house to hang up shoulder to sit to drink juice beverage on the grandstand, 2 people air intimacy's saying words.Just still was like cockfight, in a short while effort unexpectedly must like honey adjust oil.Liao's learning a soldier can not help envying Ji to get up, "I this form master didn't°yet this kind of treatment.The boy loves sports to lead to love cultural lesson also and calculate as usual more."

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