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Another person says:"Brothers, your car looks quite good, lend the elder brothers to play for several days."
The small white how can allows present in sell poison?Once this mind start to emit, oneself pours to cannot help but smiling, this takes a police to patrol strict, the inside fresh poisonous article in entertainment area sell and besides openly call to sell in the front door, basically is a liar who pours Teng face powder, particularly kill to living face.He pushes away that person, cold way:"If a piece of Qian Yi Jin's words call 10 catties for me that going home is fried noodles a round flat cake."
Once that person's facial expression change, "boy pretty horizontal Yao, mix which way?"
Liao learns a soldier not salty not and thinly say:"I am the person of big head and book hair, they at in wait me."
"Big head and book hair?"That person inquires person's one eye that the ground saw a flank, another one person connects a way:"Black Long Tang Li flies of under charge, often mix in the pool road in month recently."
That humality:", Calculate, since so you go in.Remember, hereafter don't so Ye, otherwise who also cover not to live you."Slowly loosen to open to press in the hand of trousers Dou.These persons who mix a mafia care a face very much, usually a speech will pull out knife to is unsuited to, even is one to act a look in the eyes.Just he really has the viewpoint to teach "unreasonable" Liao to learn a soldier over the desire.
Black Long Tang?Liao learns a soldier to sneer at in the heart not only, black in those early years Long Tang the eldest brother beam Zu Kun just licked a dog of his bottom.Now 45 year past, even some Li Fei of incognizances also started to be eldest brother to come.
Anne of week is tightly close behind him to jitterily say after death:"Is old, teacher, how do you take me to come to this kind of place?Just they still need to say to buy a drug ……I after seeing that person the bottom don't wear a very long knife.Teacher, let's return to quickly."
"I ask you, if just what to face this circumstance is you, how should you do?"Liao learns a soldier to come to a stop Anne who looking at the week.
The stairs aisle often stands down a few easts to pour a west slanting man, Wu in the mouth from don't stop to scold.Anne of week is more and more suffered, stammer say:"Such as, if is me, I run, anyway they can't kill me, either."
"Is rotten wood can not be carved also!"Liao learns soldier's way, a men's one face suppresses purple greenly at this time and choke throat the Hua is by the side of the stairs vomit, a little offscouring splashes his bottom of trouser-leg.Liao learns a soldier to say:"If someone threatens you, you have to the Qing make an effort of return shot, don't stay some leeway.From now on, any further can't someone humiliate you."Start to grasp that behind getting of the drunkard, make an effort one feet in the bottom, that drunkard splits in the Pa roll to come downstairs steps, immediately the personnel don't save.
"As long as someone violates you, you have to strike back.Letting people a dozen not to strike back to scold isn't still oscular of Be just a dog, not not not, is the dog hasty to also bite a person."
The week is well to be like to understand, and then seem to don't understand, separated to very long and frustratedly say:"Teacher, I seem to could not do ……"
"You will have an opportunity tonight."Liao learns the soundproof oak front door that the soldier draws back the second floor night club hall, a burst of and deafening sturdy music row mountain pours sea since then, the ash secretly refracts a colourful light beam, week Anne has never once seen this kind of condition, is almost a subconscious ground to want into an outside to run, didn't expect that door has spring coil, can automatically close, week once Anne turn round, the nose runs into doorway, again sour and then pain, almost want to cry.
Liao learned soldier to lead a coco magnolia night club last year, didn't come afterwards, the person here was also incognizant he.His wreath attends to on all sides and find out and receive soldier and Li Yu by the side of the dance floor in, sit at the same table 45 men, among them several still hug a night club inside of sit younger sister Tai, the wine bottle is under the table horizontal seven Shus eight, "ha ha, be the Kai son to me."
"!Teacher Liao!We are here!"The sharp-eyed in Li Yu sees, spring up to loudly shout, and then see he after death of week Anne, flash across in eye one silk despises.The unfortunately miscellaneous sound is really too big, Liao's learning a soldier basically has never heard him to shout what.
Walked up distance, positive center indeed as expected had a very big 56-year-old young man, the left hand hugs a woman who doll ups, and the right hand starts to carry a cup beer to call a way:"Is dry!"

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