#1 I really do understand the lack of development von Molianalex 27.10.2020 06:50

For me personally, it's how fine I can make everything seem, then it's completely meaningless.

In my house, I have a dart board, collection of board games, puzzles, arcade games... and there's no interactivity. People today post lovely screenshots of their buddies hanging out, but not one of your things DO anything. I'd like it if you could have all sorts of minigames as you go. If I put up two soccer goals within an area and use some kind of instrument to designate the area as a field, provide me a cheeky little football minigame. If my friends come in my home, let us all play some darts or even a board game.

And don't get me wrong, I love the game. I've played with a scary number of hours, and take great enjoyment from decorating and planning. However, I just wish things occurred after I set it up. Let's let Ribbot utilize the work out area he has. Reneigh simply stumbled into an outside restaurant setup, maybe her and Melba want sit down and do something. Roald has his battle helmet on and the fireworks show is happening, allow me to get in his house and help calm him down.

Dude minigames would save the show 100%, or being in a position to interact with items in a more enjoyable way (possibly zoom up on the item and let you play it idk). And also to designate a group of items as a bigger whole thing ( like the football goals)

I'm curious about how fleshing out villagers would work. Given that there is so many it might be tough to make them unique without a whole lot of work. I've always only seen them as a special class of decorations in my town/island.

I've thought for some time that they need two dialogue"sets" per villager: one for their character, and another for their own species. That way they can still have a reasonable Quantity of work in development while devoting some more variety into their villagers

Yeah I really do understand the lack of development in front there are more than 400 villagers now. Expecting each one to be wholey unique would be foolish.

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