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If you want the brief story I am just sad at what this game is. I've covered several sections and have them labeled but I feel so empty after playing this game. Long story short it's going to be a pass for me. I urge you drop the $5 to perform the trial before you buy.

I am not a powerful author so forgive me for mistakes. I just got done with a couple hours of EA accessibility and after putting down my controller all I can think is"how did it come to this?" This year was a void the moment I started, before I even took a snap I knew I was in for almost the specific same expirence with very little if any care placed into this match.

The Yard: It was a very small bit enjoyable but nowhere near anything that would warrent a purchase. IMO this is the point where the organic gameplay of Madden fits because it is more arcade like to start with. If this came out something very similar to Call of obligation Warzone at which it was a free to play match which just concentrated on microtransactions then I could see more justification for it. The only reason it had been marginally enjoyable was that I'd teammates who communicated with me. Overall it's frustrating when that has a more solid foundation with elements which are not in the sim mode of the game.

MUT: I hate this manner and blame it to the state this game is in. Also I don't have any intention of buying the entire game so there was no purpose in starting a team.

Franchise: Don't have to say anything which hasn't already been said but I am not even going to touch this mode, maybe not worth the trial time. If you've played Madden 20 than you know this mode. I used to love it and today it is just heart breaking exactly what it's become.

Gameplay: I'm sure it is going to take a month or 2 before people figure out what's broken but guy....how do they manage to take the little user control I had last year and also make it even more animation based? I love the slowdown in gameplay since Madden 20 players dismisses felt a bit too simple to pull off but I feel at this stage the game is playing more than I am. A bundle and I mean a whole bunch of suction occurred with participant interactions and I got a slow frame rate multiple occasions. I have mixed feelings about the slow LB's and I'm still learning the DL moves at large in open space this seems like a more controlled Madden 20 using the game taking over on participant interactions. It is a sad feeling when you feel like you have no input about the outcomes and the RNG is powerful with this Madden.If you've already purchased Madden 21 and booted it up Thursday morning, you probably received a strange message. The moment you begin the game you are confronted with a pop up that reads,"Welcome to the Madden NFL 21 trial." You're then given two options: Continue trial and update to the full version of Madden NFL 21. That is a concerning message considering this is showing up to people who have already bought the game. Seeing this could likely make the user concerned that all of the previously saved data will go away if they select one of those choices. According to comments from users on Reddit, it seems as though you're able to click"Continue trial" and things should be OK.

The way an NFL player's mom got her own Madden cover

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