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Highlighting Dunlop Golf Clubs - What the Pros Are Saying Sports Articles | January 3 Nazem Kadri Maple Leafs Jersey , 2009
Dunlop golf clubs are a common name among golfers. It is a brand that is used by professional golfers like PGA Tour player John Daly (who happens to have a golf club named after him under the Dunlop b...

Dunlop golf clubs are a common name among golfers. It is a brand that is used by professional golfers like PGA Tour player John Daly (who happens to have a golf club named after him under the Dunlop brand) and also by those who play golf for recreation. Here, we'll take a look at some of the models of Dunlop clubs and what these models have to offer.

One example of a Dunlop model is the DDH club set. Most of the user comments we've come across have given this one a positive rating. Primarily, the DDH is considered reasonably priced, but the function is far from being cheap. This has been recommended by some reviewers to beginner golfers since the clubs are said to have less loft which can help a player hit farther with less required effort. On the downside Auston Matthews Maple Leafs Jersey , it is not much of a looker, but for its price, it does produce good quality performance.

Another model from the Dunlop brand is the John Daly JD Tour Driver. This, of course Mitchell Marner Maple Leafs Jersey , carries the name of professional golfer John Daly. The JD Tour Driver is different from other Tour models from the brand, such as the Tour Max and Tour Gold, in that it features forged technology and is designed with enhanced forgiveness and stability. It features a graphite shaft and is said to be effective in producing longer, straighter shots. On average Tyler Ennis Youth Jersey , it can cost a buyer between $45 and over $50 depending on where it is purchased.

For ladies aspiring to be the next Annika Sorentsam or Paula Creamer, they could probably try the ladies sets of Dunlop. One of the clubs designed by the brand for women golfers is the Avega. According to Dunlop, Avega has a high lofted forged driver to provide a softer feel and optimum distance. The club has a light shaft and large head and is said to be more forgiving. And no, we're not talking about the response you'll get when you say you're sorry. Forgiveness in golf is the ability of the club to compensate for the error in swing Jake Gardiner Youth Jersey , and this is what the Avega is supposed to be good at - providing forgiveness.

Dunlop golf clubs are just some of the golf supplies offered by the brand. The name is also known for other sporting goods like tennis rackets, squash rackets and badminton supplies. For golfers looking for equipment, the Dunlop brand is a good enough option. The manufacturer's golfing products can be purchased both as brand new or as used sets.

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