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When listening to colleagues or friends, often have such a sentence: to die, old! Last year to this year really feel the same way. Compared to previous years, and certainly not all aspects of the past. For example, there is no longer a strong effort to do so before it was like things, as in the past is no longer so keen on shopping for clothes, but not as carefully selected as before, a day to change a few of the "fashion show" ...... but the heart of life was more profound understanding and experience better. So, all things are fair. Although duster gently sweep the roots time to face, but it is educated, and gave us was an eternal cosmetics - temperament and content. But, some people do not know to cherish, give readily lost, leaving only the young had no shell, immersed in the daily unexamined mahjong table or boring family gossip in. And some people are different, in any case, there is always his love of wholesome things to do. My father, octogenarian man, always learning never left, never betray love with calligraphy writing and sustained physical exercise. My mother nearly 80 years, after several operations, is still active in the face of life, focus on health and fitness, to radio and newspapers, continue to learn fresh life element in learning. The old couple to each other, happy lives every day. Have seen so few words: What temperament? Is to wait until the disappearance of youth, youth is still warm, summer rain Pei Yun, Qiu Yun's lucid, pure winter snows. It sounds not so specific, but as long as the intentions of experience, will feel the meaning of them. I think that temperament is the result of years of aging, life tempered, exudes from the inside out kind of charm, it is not impetuous young and assertive, more of a leisurely and indifferent composure. We bearish things, fame and fortune, contentment, not follow the crowd, with a normal heart, happy live each day. Is not this years river has given us the best gift? Why not even without a young coat? We will still enjoy the beautiful affection Cigarettes Online, friendship and even love in the world. How many people love youthful moments, love beautiful faces, sham or sincere, but someone must love your pilgrimage soul, wrinkles on your aging face. Therefore, there is no need to be discouraged or discouraged, and young and old will have love as a shadow. Orchids exist because of spring, and because of the beauty of orchids, springs are more warm and less cold; Hollands exist because of Xia, and Xia also have some refreshingness and lessness because of their elegance. Some hotness; chrysanthemums exist because of autumn, and autumn also has some vitality and less barren because of the splendor of chrysanthemums; plums exist because of winter, and winter also has the prosperity of plums. Some warmth, less ice cold. Life is like four seasons and age is like flowering season. Each season has its unique charm to deter natural nature. Everyone likes young and doesn't like aging, but we have to accept it frankly, because this is life, this is life. Whether you like it or not, we are slowly getting old, but the age that grows with it is also a kind of wisdom. At the age of 20, there is absolutely no wisdom at the age of 30; at the age of 30, there is absolutely no reason at the age of 40; at the age of 40, there is absolutely no calmness at 50; 50 It is also difficult to reach the calmness of sixty years of age Marlboro Gold. In the long river of time, there are always ebbs and flows. As long as we can cheerfully follow the river forever, feel every new beginning, and taste the different tastes in each season of life, then our lives will be Energetic, it will resist the embarrassment and helplessness brought about by aging Marlboro Lights. A white hair and a wrinkle are all a story, a story is a life. Life is made up of numerous stories strung together beads of precious items, there is no story, life will wither.
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