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For "Decrypt", most people may stay in the hit TV series of Hunan TV. However, it was adapted from the novel of the same name, "Decryption", created by the novel Maijia. I have read the original book, I have never seen it before, "Decrypt" will open the door to a new world for you. This novel tells a wise math genius, Rong Jinzhen, and his companions into a special organization to work on decryption . A secret and great story, for the sake of the country's business needs, their story is often hidden from the perspective of the secular sun. This novel is particularly relevant when we are adolescent. From the beginning of ignorance, curiosity and expectations of unknown things, stumbled along the way. Affection, friendship, and apathetic love are intertwined with the growth of asking you. It's not all the way to grow up. The fusion of blood and tears I deeply remember the protagonist in the novel, Rong Jinzhen, 12-year-old without a teacher, summed up the multiplication formula Wholesale Cigarettes, and 13-year-old figured out the calculation formula of the difference. One day, the needs of the country, he entered a special organization. His past success allowed him to stand at the highest level. The secret producer and him played a simple but weird game, like a passerby without light, looking for an exit in the boundless darkness. And when the note for deciphering the black secret was lost, he could no longer bear the load of fate and became a fallen star Marlboro Cigarettes. Because he is a genius, he is not allowed to fail. This reminds me of Liu Xiang. He is called "China's trapeze". In 2006, in the men's 110-meter hurdles final of the National League Grand Prix Lausanne, Liu Xiang broke the world record of 13 years of sleep with a time of 12 seconds 88. He is the first Asian Olympic champion in track and field, the indoor and outdoor world championships, and the holder of many world records. A grand slam that spans categories. Liu Xiang is a real hero, but most people only remember him retiring twice in 2008 and 2012. After the 2008 Olympics, unprovoked accusations and questions rushed. He is also a hero. It's like a life on a roller coaster, a dramatic turn. He threw it high in the previous second, but fell to the ground in a blink of an eye. But Liu Xiang did nothing wrong. On the contrary, he has always been outstanding in sports. In 95 games, he retired 3 times due to injury, but in the remaining 92 games, 60 championships, 16 runners-up and 9 third runners-up. In the face of these data, I just want to say, "We owe Liu Xiang a sorry." Because he is a hero, he is not allowed to fail. "I'm glad that this idea did not appear in the Rio Olympics four years later. Instead, the audience in this session began to understand and tolerate. Sports are no longer measured by medals. From" Little White Shark "Sun Yang to "Farm Girl" Fu Yuanhui. Sun Yang was slandered, we believe him, and support him, not because he did not get the gold medal. This is the progress of the audience, but also the progress of a society and a country. Rong Jinzhen and Liu Xiang are in The fields are different, but they are all the same. Dedicate yourself to the country and burn yourself. Once a hero, but because of the deception of fate. In any case, Liu Xiang can't run, Rong Jinzhen is crazy. Rong Jinzhen and Liu Xiang are again It ��s different. Although Liu Xiang does n��t run, he still has an optimistic life, but Rong Jinzhen has fallen to the bottom. Liu Xiang is a hero, and Rong Jinzhen is a former hero. It can be seen that the greatest enemy is ourselves, and we can only become ourselves if we defeat ourselves. Forever hero. Stumbling in the path of youth Cigarettes For Sale. There are many things, novel, you want to try, but can't defeat yourself and give up. I know a brave girl. She looks ordinary, but her eyebrows show her firmness. At one time, the host of the orientation party was recruited. I went to sign up, and she was there. Many people thought that she would lose the election. She remained calm and calm, saying, "I'm a Cinderella without crystal shoes. I know that I don't look good, but running for a moderator is something I have always wanted to do but I dare not do. But today, I came. "Although she lost the election, her face was full of smiles. Every subsequent competition and election, she participated, and repeated defeats, and repeated defeats became her path to success. We are as general as she is. The generation is not a hero or a genius. But she can defeat herself, and what about us? This is a question. I hope the answer is "may also" be a genius or a former genius. I believe everyone has an answer. I hope that every genius can be treated tenderly, and that everyone can overcome themselves and become a permanent hero.
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