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Recently I read Mr. Yu Qiuyu's book "The Cultural Bitter Journey", and I feel deeply that this process does not need to sparse bamboo moonlight, fragrant light wine and company, only a sincere heart and a willing soul to be baptized are enough. This book records Mr. Yu Qiuyu's departure from the vast yellow sand reflected in the setting sun, crossing the dujiangyan rushing with the hustle and bustle of life Cheap Cigarettes, and coming to the gentle and carefree Jiangnan Water Village; everywhere in the book, he engraved with the softest brush strokes The heaviest historical emotions I have read this book for the first time, I thought it was a clear lake that took people to travel through the mountains and rivers, but I never thought it would be a deep valley that whipped the heart upon entering. Starting from the first "Taoist Tower", from the hoarse "I hate it!" Newport 100S, I have entered into the cultural journey of hardship; A place where strong emotions are constantly overflowing, and the deep trembling emotions are deposited in my heart, this feeling is about the country and the nation. I am like a young child who hobbled forward, ignorantly and suddenly surrounded by Mr. Qiuyu, surrounded by the torrent of history, and walked along the long road, only feeling physically and mentally detached, accompanied by emotional depression and soul. Throbbing also took off some of the so-called youthful spirit. The entire heart of Huang Sha, whose entire heart is in the book, has soaked, and then returns to the immature beating of reality. He has a little unwillingness and discomfort, and can only sigh the depth of his skill. For Mr. Yu, this is a cultural journey, and for me it feels more than that, but it is also a feast--a feast about the feelings of the country. Looking at the lines in your words, why am I even moving physically and mentally? After all Online Cigarettes, Mr. Qiuyu didn't focus on the gorgeousness of the writing, but rather a plain taste. Here I borrow a sentence that Mr. said in the book: "It is silent because of its depth." His emotional expression of the literati historic site Park Shuzhenyi is undoubtedly fierce, but there is a deeper existence. What is it in the meantime? It is not only Chinese historical and cultural deeds and literati minds, but also the love of the rivers and mountains. The worship of Chinese culture is the flow of national emotions! Although the silence is loud enough, how many people only talk about the word "patriotism" in the article. They only consider the value of patriotism as the core of the national spirit, and because of its distinctive era, the patriotic feelings run through the history . So in my opinion, the so-called "patriots" mentioned above are far worse than touching the green bricks of that side with your own hands, and stepping on the ancient deserted battlefield. Only in those places can you physically and mentally surrender to what history has given you. The heavy patriotic feelings of the family, those hidden and intimate patriotic feelings, such as the heavy Zhong Ming, make people suddenly wake up and shocked. The feelings of this country reverberate in the baptism of colors in the Mogao Grottoes, immersed in the wind and wind and immersed in a pavilion ... Every tiny detail constitutes the most vivid vitality of this book, not a slogan. Hug and drink, just need to press your fingers for a moment, and the rich emotion can't wait to break through the door and pour into my heart and close the book. Looking around this slightly narrow four-corner room, I already feel completely exposed to this non-stop In a certain node of the country, the mind is open, full of identification with the motherland and identification with the nation. Mr. Lu Xun said: "Only the national soul is worth precious, and only by developing it can China make real progress." Mr. Qiuyu's words are a wake-up call to further wake up my national soul. As a student, I can only hold I do n��t spend time and sorrow for this feeling, I only wish to contribute a little to this Chinese renaissance that has gone through hundreds of years. Fortunately, I opened this book, started with a relaxed heart, and ended with heavy steps. Quite a lot, Fang had the above-mentioned shallow emotions, and only with the voice in my heart, I hope that at night I can continue to accompany Mr. Qiuyu to enjoy the historical landscape.
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