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If you've ever found yourself "waiting" to get motivated to do something Jessie Bates III Bengals Jersey , perhaps after a long holiday or even a very relaxing weekend, read on. After vacations, holidays and sometimes for no reason at all, we find ourselves hoping for some "motivation fairy" to light on our shoulders A.J. Green Bengals Jersey , wave her magic wand and spark our dormant motivation to get us moving again.

Well I have met the motivation fairy, and the good news is, she's not far away! After a period of dormancy from regular routines, I'm often reminded of several powerful and necessary ingredients to motivation.

First Cheap Michael Jordan Jersey , motivation is mainly an inside job--we have to find that spark within ourselves that gets us moving--but we don't have to wait for the spark to burst into full flame (or for the motivation fairy to arrive) to take the first step. In fact, very often it is simply moving--getting in action itself--that sparks the flame of motivation (and bids the motivation fairy to assist).

After one such dormant period recently, I was reminded that motivation is really about three parts action to one part emotion, and that the action almost always precedes the emotion we associate with motivation.

Interesting Cheap Renell Wren Jersey , if you look up the words "motivate" and "emote" in the dictionary they come from the same root word "movere" which means "to move." So if you're looking for that magic fairy dust to get you moving toward your goals, you'll find it in action. And the more consistently you act (regardless of the size of the action), the more your emotions will get on board to fuel the process.

This week as you seek to get moving, making the most of this week and all its unfulfilled potential Cheap Ryan Finley Jersey , I encourage you to remember that the real secret to getting motivated is to get moving. If you've decided that this is the week to eat healthier, then eat an apple today. Do you have a goal of saving more money? If so, start today by opening a savings account or setting up an automatic savings deposit through your bank. Do you want to read more? Then set aside 10 minutes to read on your lunch hour everyday. Want to exercise more? Start by walking around the block and adding one minute a day to your routine. Then watch what happens as you take those consistent actions.

After I finished my exercise routine recently, while I couldn't say I was feeling euphoric Cheap Germaine Pratt Jersey , I was feeling much more excited about getting to work than I had while I was still "thinking about exercising" and hoping the motivation fairy would suddenly light on my shoulder and ignite my passion.

Here's a formula to remind you that the motivation fairy lives within: powerful goal+action+emotion=motivation! I'm wishing you an amazing you start creating right now with your next action. What's it going to be?

Quote of the Week

"You don't have to be great to start. But you do have to start to be great." ~~Les Brown, author and motivational speaker

Technological advancements in integrated electronic gadgets and devices such as smart-phones, laptops, tablets etc have not only improved their features and usability but have also brought down the cost significantly. You can now get few of the Lenovo best laptops for Rs 25 Cheap Drew Sample Jersey ,000 to Rs 30, 000 that was available for more than Rs 50,000 a few years ago. This is the impact of technology that has increased the access to latest electronics gadgets.

The customers have also been benefitted by the increase in the number of laptop manufacturers or suppliers. There are hundreds of models of laptop available in the market from numerous brands. It is not easy to make a choice among various models as you can have lots of options even in a narrow price band. However, it has also increased the competition among the laptop manufacturers which has ultimately benefitted the end users.
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For example, a dedicated graphic card my easily increase the cost of the laptop by 2k to 5k but you do not need to go for it unless you want to use your laptop for extreme gaming or running applications with heavy graphics. Thus, before you go out to shop for a laptop Cheap Joe Mixon Jersey , always have your preferences in mind or better in a piece of paper.

You can look for laptops at the local offline stores or buy it from an online store. Buying a laptop online is often advantageous in terms of cost as there are many offers that you can avail exclusively online. Many people have doubts about the genuineness of the product while buying it online but you do not really need to worry about it as long as you are purchasing a laptop from the trusted online store.

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