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Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is one of a kind. Verizon FiOS is the first company to use an entirely fiber optic network for home TV service Vladimir Sobotka Youth Jersey , Internet service and phone service. The FiOS fiber optic network is built on a backbone of fiber optic cables which are more reliable, faster, and can carry more data than traditionally used copper cable.

Coaxial cables, which are what the cable companies and some satellite companies use to deliver their services Colton Parayko Youth Jersey , have been in use for almost one hundred years and have never been upgraded or improved. As a result cable TV service and Internet service are still slower than they should be based on the technology available today.

The fiber optic network that Verizon FiOS uses is not made up wires, so it is faster and more effective than a cable based network. Fiber optics sends data along the length of an optic fiber, a long strand of glass or plastic that is electromagnetically charged. Using optic fibers instead of cables means that there will be less data lost, and higher quality images will come through because the images travel with less degradation over the optic fibers.

So if you want to watch TV in HD you will get a much clearer HD picture from a service that travels over optic fibers instead of cables because as the signal travels the length of the cable the signal weakens and the picture degrades.

Verizon FiOS is relatively new service that brings tons of features and potential. FiOS is expanding across America at an alarming rate and this is because the consumer demand is so great. And Verizon's FiOS also invests significantly in marketing their services. We have all seen the commercial on TV at prime time every evening.

Verizon FiOS has been sweeping the nation and expanding into many United States' cities and towns. I believe they are targeting dense populated areas where FiOS can achieve more for less and increase their ROI.

Fiberoptics is cutting edge communications technology at the moment but in the future it will become the standard delivery method of TV and Internet service. By building a strong fiber optic network from the ground up Carter Hutton Youth Jersey , Verizon FiOS made it clear that they are committed to supporting technology as it develops. If you want great picture quality and super fast Internet service now and in the future you need to choose Verizon FiOS TV and Internet service.

FiOS stands for fiberoptic services over FTTP (fiber to the premises), an advanced fiber-optic technology that uses strands of glass fiber and laser-generated pulses of light to transmit voice, data and video signals.

Many consumers praise VerizonFiOS for having fantastic quality picture and sound and rave about the fiber optic network Verizon FiOS built has been ground breaking in the TV industry and innovation. Fiber optic technology gives unbelievable picture and sound with its huge pipe of data transfer. If you have already discovered the power of FIOS internet, you are going to love Verizon FiOS TV.
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