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Communication Cheap Dre Kirkpatrick Jersey , which occupies approximately 70% of our waking hours, is what many leaders find the most frustrating. The fact is most of us were never taught how to communicate in a way that produces desired results, so we continue to experience frustration, resistance, conflicts Cheap Vontaze Burfict Jersey , or breakdowns. Think of a recent important conversation. How many of these questions can you answer YES to?

Did I taking full responsibility for the message being heard by the other person? (Remember, it doesn't matter what you say, it only matters what the other person hears.) Did I respect the other person's point of view? (Did I have a reaction to what they were saying that prevented me from listening to their full message?) Did the other person feel heard and understood? (Did I acknowledge them?) If I was asking someone to take a specific action, did I make my request clear? Was I speaking in a way the other person can understand? (Speaking in their communication style.) Was I communicating openly, without prejudices Cheap Carlos Dunlap Jersey , expectations and judgment? (Was I focused on having to be right or hearing their point of view?) Did the other person leave the conversation feeling good ? with some value? Did I leave the conversation feeling good ? with some value? Did I follow-up to see if the conversation was successful ? it led to the desired results? If the outcome of the conversation did not meet my expectations, did I learn what I could improve upon to better communicate with that particular person?

So how did you score?
8-10 Yeses indicate you're the tops. Keep up the good work.
4-7 Yeses is OK. Brush up in certain areas.
0-3 means you have work to do.
Here are four ways to be a better communicator and leader:

Talk less and hear more.
We want to be heard and listened to but we don't always concentrate on listening to others. We focus more on our agenda than on the other person's thoughts, concerns or issues.

Don't assume others are mind readers.
We want some kind of action or response from another person. However, we don't let them know what we really want or how to achieve it. Before assuming the other knows what you want, first inform and then ask for feedback. Take the time upfront to get better mileage later on.

Don't shot the messenger.
We want to understand but our ability to understand is tainted by our perceptions of the person speaking or the outcome we are looking to achieve. So Cheap Tyler Eifert Jersey , we often pass judgment on the speaker and disregard the message. Concentrate on the message not the messenger.

Join forces.
We want acceptance and agreement from others, so much so, that we often become consumed with having to be right or proving our point. We push and push our agenda. Rather, stop, look and listen for areas of mutual agreement. Then work from there to co-create a greater outcome together.

The next time you are involved in an important conversation pause your mental and verbal tape player for a moment. Then start really listening. It's amazing what you will discover. Perhaps information that can lead to your leadership and business success.

If you have sensitive skin you may find that many of the treatments you try are too harsh for your skin. While other women are buying skin care products with vitamin C or anti-oxidants Cheap Geno Atkins Jersey , you are using the mild brand with no anti-aging benefits.

So, what can you do about it? How can you, with your sensitive skin get the same anti-aging effects that other women are getting?

While others are applying expensive anti-aging products on their skin, you can eat them. Now, of course Cheap A.J. Green Jersey , I don't mean for you to eat your expensive night cream or any other store-bought skin products, but you can eat the effective ingredients in them. Since your skin is your largest organ, the benefits of eating the ingredients will be similar to applying them directly to your skin.

Here are some ingredients you can start with.

Green tea: There are plenty of skin care product now that contain green tea. You'll hear about green tea everywhere and it's now in many brands of skin care. However, if you have sensitive skin and can't use those products, then you can drink green tea and have the same effects on your skin. Plus Cheap Andy Dalton Jersey , the bonus is that you'll be benefitting every other part of your body as well. Some of the other benefits of green tea are weight loss, lower cholesterol, and possibly a lower risk of cancer.

Cucumbers: An increase in fruits and vegetables in your diet can have a positive effect on the overall appearance of your skin. Increase your vegetable intake and your skin will thank you.

Vitamin C: Take a supplement or increase your intake of oranges and other fruits. The anti-oxidants in them are wonderful for your skin.

Remember, your skin is your largest organ. Take care of it by feeding it well, whether you're putting products on it Cheap Mark Walton Jersey , or feeding your body with nutritious foods. And, for those of us with sensitive skin, we'll be saving a fortune, avoiding those expensive jars of cream and heading straight for the grocery store produce aisles.

If your phone stopped ringing, would your business be in trouble? That's my usual answer to business owners who ask me if 'dishing out money to the Yellow Pages every month" is still a wise investment. If customers don't normally think of your service or product until they need it Cheap Malik Jefferson Jersey , and a lot of your business is done by phone, an effective Yellow Pages ad design still rings in the most local customers for the money. So how do you design for this one-of-a-kind medium? The following eight guidelines will keep your phone dancing across your desk with new business.

1) Choose the Right Yellow Page Ad Size, You'll Save a Bundle.

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