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CREATURE COMFORTS IN THE WORKPLACE. How To Create An Office You Love Business Articles | July 23 Cheap Justin Schultz Jersey , 2003
CREATURE COMFORTS IN THE ... To Create An Office You Love Comfort. Peace. Beauty. These are all positive words ... with quality of life, yet few people can say they ... these th

How To Create An Office You Love

Comfort. Peace. Beauty. These are all positive words associated with quality of life, yet few people can say they experience these things in the workplace. You spend a large portion of your life working, so why not make your office an enjoyable place to be, not only for yourself, but also for your clients?

If you?ve ever walked into a poorly lit Cheap Olli Maatta Jersey , cluttered, stale room and noticed how it made you feel, then you understand that all rooms have energy. When you feel good in a room, you automatically attach a positive emotion to the people associated with that room. It stands to reason then, that when clients like your space and feel good in your office environment, they also attach a positive feeling to you Cheap Mario Lemieux Jersey , which is good for business. A comfortable office environment is also great for helping you to enjoy the time you spend working, which adds to your quality of life and productivity.

Here are seven ways to make your office more comfortable for both you and your clients.

1.If you own your building or have permission from the landlord, paint the walls a color other than white or off-white. Color, whether it?s soft or bold, is the least expensive and most noticeable way to change the feel of a room. If your office is naturally dark, brighten it up with a bold pumpkin or bright gold accent wall with a contrasting lighter color on the other walls. Use soft sage green Cheap Matt Murray Jersey , apricot or sky blue to create a calm waiting area for clients. Wall color is a good way to start brightening things up and makes a great canvas on which to build.

2.Blank walls can be peaceful, however, too much blankness is sterile. Strike a good balance by adding art to make your office feel inviting. Choose a few pieces that you really like for your own space, and create continuity by having similar pieces in the outer areas of your office. Instead of spreading small pieces out across all your walls, group them together on one wall for an interesting tableau. Save large pieces to hang alone on larger walls, and remember less is more. Don?t be afraid to leave one wall completely blank.

3.Add live plants. Nothing looks worse than an dusty old silk plant in the corner. Live plants add their own energy and lushness to a room and break that sterile feeling that some offices have. Vary their heights for some interest. Hanging plants Cheap Sidney Crosby Jersey , floor trees, and desk plants can all work together. However, be sure to

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