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Mag Monika Masik is dietician who gives online dietary advice to her customers through her website. She completed her graduation from Vienna University in the year 2004. She has studied psychology. Also, she is into the philosophy ofteaching and study of nutritional science.

Since then she has been an active lecturer on nutritional science and various dietary plans at various universities. She is also associated with the magazine “Healthy and Fit” of the “Austria” media group, Vienna. She has delivered lectures on stress management and burnout prevention since 2010. Apart from this, she has been a renowned nutritionist at the Austrian Diabetic Association Phil Haynes Camo Jersey , Vienna since the year 2005.

Her Way of Approaching Things

Mag Monika Masika is one of the best Ernährungsberatung Wien. Dietician and nutrition have accompanied her life for a long time. For the past twelve years she has supervised people in her own ordination. The main focus of any client’s health is weight reduction in which 60% of her work is psychological and only 40% involves change in eating habits.

Her concept is very simple and unique andcan be applied efficiently to anyone. According to her, it is important that you work out your goals in small simple ways. Her past clients have said that after her consultation they have experienced better health, more energy and more self confidence

Various Services that are offered

She offers a wide range of services and Ernährungsberatung to her clients, such as metabolic balance which is used to regulate an individual to achieve a healthy weight and holistic nutrition plan to increase the metabolism rates. SVA health of hundred schemes is also a very good scheme which is offered.

In this scheme you invest in your health or nutrition education and diet where you pay the measure itself and make an application for the grant “Health Hundreds” and then send the invoice to the local regional office where in after reviewing your application you will receive 100 Euros retour.

TCM or traditional China medicine is another good service which is offered here Gary Jennings Jr Camo Jersey , the Chinese are of old masters in preventive medicines. Even the healthy people can benefit from the wealth of experience of Chinese Dietetics and strengthen its well-being of complicated vitamin and calorie chart with tasty and wholesome food. Also she offers the very famous Ernährungplan.

Apart from these they also offer nutritional software with the help of which, one can determine the nutritional value in your food both before and after preparation. Mag Monika Masika offers the best Ernährungsberatung Mödling. This is indeed the best dietary solution ever.

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